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Summer 2024 -  Leadership Development


Summer 2024 -  Leadership Development

This course is still in the planning phase but it will be great fun and a bit challenging.  


The format of this course is a bit of a hybrid, intended to offer both leadership development while sharpening your personal paddling skills at the same time.  Meeting over two long weekends on Lake Superior, we will mix classroom and on water sessions.  


This course will be built around your goals and is participant driven.  We will cover goal setting, route planning, group management, weather forecasting, incident management and navigation.  We will also practice the softer skills of being part of a group.  We will seek out flat, bumpy and moving water as Mother Nature provides them.  


This course assumes that participants can satisfy the Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC) and be comfortable in conditions described in the “Course Location / Venue” section of the American Canoe Association Coastal Kayaking Level 3 Skills Assessment. - LINK HERE. The course also assumes all participants can provide their own kit appropriate for the day.  


The cost of this event has not been set yet but will include four days of coaching, campsites and group food.


If you are interested or have questions please send me a note at


WHAT: Leadership skill building and personal skill development


WHEN: Two long summer weekends on Lake Superior, one on the North Shore and one on the South.  Exact dates and locations TBD by the beginning of 2024.   FWPS Calendar


WHO: Anyone who is keen to develop leadership skills and expand their padding network.  The ability to satisfy the American Canoe Association Level 3 Coastal Kayaking Skills Assessment is required - LINK HERE


WHERE: Beautiful Lake Superior.

WHY: Because paddling is awesome and doing it with friends in cool places is awesomer. 

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