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FreshWater Courses and Workshops

Bill Vonnegut

Rescue Tune Up


A successful rescue is fast, efficient, and safe.  Combining both on water and land based practice we explore some of the most efficient rescues so you can venture out confidently.

Half or Full Day Course

Intro to Moving Water


Are you interested in exploring rivers?  Using rivers, paddlers will learn how to "read the water" and navigate it safely.  

This is not a whitewater class, it is focused on touring in an environment with water that is flowing similar to the Mississippi or St. Croix rivers.


Half or Full Day Course 

Dealer's Choice


What are your specific skills goals? We will work together to build a class just for you and what you want.


Tow Systems and Strategies


A tow system is a critical bit of safety kit for kayak touring. Most of us have some sort of system but rarely practice using it. Along with practice scenarios we will look at different ways to customize your tow system.

Half or Full Day Course

Kit Concierge


Have you ever stood in front of a wall of 
PFDs in a retail store and wondered which was the best choice for you?  I've worked in the outdoor industry for 14 years and love finding the perfect solution for customers. Let me help you.  Custom built around your needs.  The process starts with a free 30 minute consultation so I can understand your paddling background and your goals.


Messing Around in Boats


A day of play.  The goal of this day is help paddlers make their kayak go where they want it to go by understanding the connection with your kayak.


Half or Full Day Course

Outdoor Navigation


Unlock the secrets of maps and compasses. Know where you are and where you want to be both on or off the water.

Half or Full Day Course

Leadership Training


Let's take the mystery out of leading a group in the outdoors.  We will discuss how to select and plan the route, assess risks and hazards and have multiple plans in your back pocket so you make it look easy and everybody has fun.

Half or Full Day Course 

FreshWater PaddleSports course pricing unless noted: Half day $65 - Full Day $125

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