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Kayaking connects me to the natural world.

Kayaking inspires me to explore.

Kayaking allows me to play.

My goal is not to teach kayaking to people, it's to teach people how to kayak.   

Along my paddling journey I have had the good fortune to work with some amazing coaches, I am a sum those experiences. They have taught me how to listen, ask questions, and most importantly, spending time on the water is not a "one size fits all" activity.


My paddling adventures have taken me to the coasts of California, Oregon, Washington, Maine, Georgia, and Wales as well as the Great Lakes.  Still, one of my favorite place to paddle is on Lake Minnetonka in the western metro of Minneapolis.    


My certifications include British Canoeing Advanced Sea Leader (5 Star) and American Canoe Association Coastal Kayak L3 Instructor, working towards L4.   


Chris Hipgrave
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